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eri Karapetyan

հայ հայ

May 18 - June 24, 2023

In her latest works, titled “հայհայ” series, Meri Karapetyan multiplies the word “հայ” or “Armenian,” bending it in two different directions, into the shape of barbed wire, which in turn questions the many manifestations of the border. Using the word “Armenian” as a sign, she raises several semiotic, cultural, and identity-related issues. Using a fine copper wire and some rolled gauze to print the word “հայ,” she frees the word from sentence and context, weaving a web, connecting hundreds of “հայ”s, thus erecting a barrier. The latter is passable and fragile, touchable, and interactive, and the shadows of the metal letters once again create an imitation of a barrier, as if they both exist and do not exist…

ames Gortner

Terra Incognita

May 18 - August 12, 2023

In Terra Incognita, Gortner's works take on a heroic scope, reminding us of Rorschach tests and seemingly random water stains on which we can project our own stories. They also form rudimentary maps of uncharted lands and unfamiliar contents - each a terra incognita, like our own subconscious. The paintings are both playful and intellectually engaging, reflecting on the strength of tradition over time and life's undercurrent of constant restructuring.

iko Nishida

Present Moment

June 29 - August 12, 2023

The work represents not only summed-up time but also an event and information that poses the question: What is the meaning of being at this particular, precious moment? You may imagine a myriad of time fragments from the past in the form of the numerous pages of the newspapers themselves, but the moment that you see and experience the artwork, it becomes very much a part of the present.

T he Future of Things Passed

May 15-29, 2022

The exhibition featured four gifted contemporary artists: Eozen Agopian, Melissa Dadourian, Linda Ganjian, and Judith Simonian. It explored how art can deconstruct and uncover elements of the past through sense memory and found objects, while making lasting statements through these interpretations. These fiercely independent and inventive women create work that jibes with some of our

most pressing real world and theoretical concerns. 

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