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Meghan Arlen

Meghan Arlen is an artist and woodworker living in Brooklyn, NY.  Arlen studied fine arts
as an undergraduate but has in recent years focused her energy on learning skilled
trades. These include Venetian wall plaster application techniques, high-end interior
design, specialty installation and fabrication, and building sculptural wood furniture.
Beginning in 2015, Arlen apprenticed for several years under Justino Guerrero, a Los
Angeles master Venetian plasterer. She concurrently worked for six years in high-end
residential design for LA-based designer Andrea Michaelson, a savant in innovative
material design, including metal, wood, glass, plaster, plastic, stingray skin, leather, and
fabric. In 2021 Arlen moved to New York, where she has undertaken training in
carpentry, learning to build sculptural, solid wood furniture from milling to finishing. She
approaches her art practice as an artisan, submitting to the sometimes physically
strenuous efforts that her material demands. Her recent work conveys her love for the
historically two-dimensional medium of painting and a desire to explore its capabilities
and create works where the wall plaster steps off the wall or canvas and becomes more
relief than flat.

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