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Linda Ganjian

Linda Ganjian

Linda Ganjian is a NY-based artist who works in a variety of materials, from clay to cement to paper. Her main pursuit involves making large “table-top” sculptures comprised of hundreds of miniature forms, that are a reinterpretation of Middle Eastern and American craft traditions (carpets, quilts, calligraphy). Much of her work presents memories and impressions of the urban landscape, the specific history of a site, or more personal narratives.


Her most recent drawings are Inspired by the Eastern Orthodox aesthetics, which the artist grew up with, seen in the metallic textures, ornamental and patterning details. There is also an echo of medieval manuscripts in color and line, though here it is reinvented and transformed into a futuristic landscape. 

These drawings are first sketched through the playful misuse of found objects as stencils, along with conventional drafting stencils. Ganjian works intuitively to define a structure that hovers between architecture, altars, totems, diagrams—which she then fills in with collage elements like dress patterns and textured metallic papers. This work, connected to a recent body of sculptures, is an act of mourning the loss of her Yaya, a devout woman and extremely talented seamstress. 

Linda's work has been exhibited in New York and abroad. Some venues include: Art in Buildings 125 Maiden Lane, NYC; Islip Art Museum, NY; Depo, Istanbul; Auxiliary Projects; Artspace, New Haven, CT; National Academy of Design; Socrates Sculpture Park; Queens Museum; Storefront for Art and Architecture; the Brooklyn Museum of Art; and Stedelijk museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, Holland.

She completed a public art commission for the NYC School Construction Authority in 2014 and the NYC MTA in 2016. In 2019, she was a QCA ArtPort resident at LaGuardia Airport.

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