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Jan Baracz

Originally conceived as a video, EYEBEADS BY WORDS HELD FAST orders snapshots culled with a digital snapshot camera into a mischievous dynamic of an associative chain. The impact of an image comes from its latent resonance and subliminal connection to other pictures.  Just like our words and notions, EYEBEADS’ images freely defy and mock aesthetic concerns. The photographic material gathered into the sequence marks the period of ecstatic excess of image capture from the early days of popular digital cameras.   Pictures, good and bad, lyrical and jarring, intimate and generic, sweet and vulgar, dramatic and plain, are merely syntactic units in the optical yarn. 

The images bound in their pairings are intimations of sparks along synaptic pathways. Some are purely formal, while others are ripe with external connotations.  All register patterns permeating both natural and man-made worlds. Some of the corresponding structures are biological, and some technological, industrial or domestic, societal and erotic, all manifesting analogically in seemingly disparate realms. These primordial imprints find their parallel patterns while exposing their provenance. EYEBEADS captures and threads these transient manifestations, revealing their correlations and their sources within fundamental and pervasive tropes. As the associations arise, language silently binds the visual particles.

EYEBEADS invents a singular visual syntax, a chain of juxtapositions cast to trigger vestigial associations.  It is a dance of isomorphic patterns.  A poem with words unspoken.

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