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Tenny Arlen book reading at the gallery
Kyle Smith WSJ critic and Jonathan Leaf, playwright in conversation on  Movies, Hollywood and the dark sides of the entertainment industry





The River You Step In, 2023

Cinémaintenant presents Marjory avenue productions, glimcoop&Aliyah film poductions picture Astrid van Wieren, Sharmilla Dey, Daniel Briere, Claire Bruns, Marcel Stewart, Wes Berger, Michaela Washburn, Andrew Jackson, Anita Selva, Sera-Kys Mcarthur, Sean Baek in “The River You Step In”

Cinematographer: Blake Hannahson

Editor: Jason Sharman

Composer: Andy Trithardt 

Songs by: Jani Lauzon, Astrid Van Wieren, The Cathouse dogs 

Produced by: Emily Andrews, Jon Michaelson, Laura Nordin, Jason Sharman, Astrid Van Wieren

Assiociate producer: Robbie Michaelson 

Writen by: Jon Michaelson with Astrid Van Wieren and Derek Brown

Directed by: Jon Michaelson

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