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Metempsychosis | Rebirth and Resilience
Curated by Selina Ma
April 5 - April 19, 2024 

NEW YORK, April 5, 2023 - Atamian Hovsepian Curatorial Practice is proud to announce an open call for artists to explore the profound theme of “Metempsychosis”, a concept that resonates deeply with the essence of spring—a season of vibrant blooms and renewal.


This exhibition seeks to intertwine the symbolic rebirth of nature during spring with the theme of national and global rebirth, drawing lessons from pivotal historical events like the Armenian Genocide - commemorated every year on April 24th - and other genocides worldwide. We invite artists to delve into life's cyclical journey, from the darkest hours to the most luminous moments of rebirth and regeneration, and show through their unique artistic lens the interplay of nature's revival and the profound resilience of nations in the face of adversity.


Five creative and imaginative artists have created superb work through their understanding of the subject matter. Marie-Chloé Duval's interest in painting is based on a desire to translate her analysis and interpretation of society, building on her academic background studying social issues. Her work is a translation of observations as she navigates through the world. Duval translated on canvas her vision of our fast-paced society and social constructs. The paintings she creates are situated between figuration and abstraction, stillness and movement. They offer partial views and answers to a reality that she sees as constantly in flux; Stellar Moments by Olivia Hang explores the resilience of humanity before the running river of time and the transmigration of the human spirit between generations that resist the torrent of ennui and the transitory; Anthony Boone’s “IT” is deeply rooted in expressing his love for engaging with and creating beautiful and powerful pieces. Boone creates pieces in the spirit of free movement and energy. Often using scrapers, spoons, rocks, and wood stains, he paints to occurring and reoccurring emotions, as well as to the set of the canvas and the flowing of paint. As Shushanik Karapetyan worked on Follicular, she was both aware of environmental influences and her internal state. In Spring 2022 she was pregnant and that opened up the desire to paint in curves and gradations as a way of depicting the curves and layers of the body, the fluidity and softness of skin and muscle. This painting is a celebration of the capacity of the female body, the constant death and rebirth that our bodies experience, and the potential for new life. Moreover, “Remote Viewing” by Billy Jacobs belongs to a series of paintings exploring the irrational desire for vengeance through depictions of political violence, witch trials, protests, executions, assassinations and parapolitics.  



Marie-Chloé Duval

Olivia Hang

Anthony Boone

Shushanik Karapetyan

Billy Jacobs



Rebirth and Resilience

Opening reception: Friday, April 5, 6-8 pm

April 5-April 19, 2024

227 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010

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