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Screening of Aurora's Sunrise

Thursday, May 9, from 7 - 9:30 pm


Atamian Hovsepian and Arte East co- present a screening of Inna Sahakyan's acclaimed film Aurora's Sunrise and a post screening conversation between filmmaker and curator Chritopher Atamian and Lila Nazemian.

The film tells the remarkable odyssey of Armenian Genocide survivor-turned-movie-star Aurora Mardiganian's. After losing her family, escaping slavery, and enduring Hollywood greed, Mardiganian journeys thousands of miles to tell the world the story of the tragedy that befell her people at the hands of the Young Turks in 1915-1923.

This screening is showcased as part of LIMINAL TALES: animated films from across the SWANA region and its diasporas, sharing narratives that reflect on memory, dissociation and the internal psyche. Access the online program at

*Aurora's Sunrise was created by Bars Media Studio (Armenia) in co-production with Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion (Germany) & Artbox Laisvalaikio Klubas (Lithuania).

This film was made possible by the academic contribution of the Zoryan Institute and is based on its Oral History Archive. The event is organized and hosted in partnership with Bars Media and Zoryan Institute.

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